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Message started by JohnR on Aug 10th, 2010 at 4:02am

Title: Backing up UGene data files
Post by JohnR on Aug 10th, 2010 at 4:02am
I am about to switch to a different computer, and wanted to check on the most efficient way to backup the data files for the data and projects I have entered using UGene. When I looked in the UniPro UGene Folder that was set up when I installed the program, it appeared that most of the data was in the main folder rather than the "data" folder. At this point, it seems like one way to proceed is to 1) copy everything in the UniPro UGene folder to a backup drive; 2) download and install UGene on the new computer; and 3) synchronize the folders so that anything in the old folder not copied during installation is copied into the new folder. Alternatively, I could use the project list (see attached) to copy the files individually. Is/are there a file ending(s) that identifies data files in UGene, or something I can do in the future to make sure that all data files/projects are saved to a new folder in the data folder of UGene to make backing up easier? One extra challenge is that the computer trolls on campus insist that we turn in the old computer before getting the new one, so anything I miss backing up is gone forever....

Title: Re: Backing up UGene data files
Post by Mikhail Fursov on Aug 10th, 2010 at 6:53pm
I think it will be safe to install new version of UGENE on the new computer.

The projects you want to keep can be exported using "File -> Export Project" menu. It will copy the project file and all the data included into the project to the folder you will specify in dialog.

Actually project file keeps relative links to data files included into the project, so if all data files are in the same directory tree with a project file - it's safe to copy them without any export.

Data files that are not in a project can be copied directly.

Title: Re: Backing up UGene data files
Post by JohnR on Aug 6th, 2013 at 8:37pm
Thanks to Mikhail for the response below. :)

For anyone interested in the data transfer issue noted here, try searching your computer for any files with the *.uprj file extension. This seems to be the default file extension used by UGene for project files. Since you might have saved projects in different folders, it would be worth checking to see if there are any UGene projects in folders you might not have thought to back up prior to a computer migration. If there are other tips to help with a successful migration, I'd be interested.

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